Frequently Asked Questions

Is Smart Transfer available in my country?

Smart Transfer is currently available in majority of the Asia Pacific countries Hong Kong, Indonesia, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Singapore and Philippines . We are a licensed Money Service Operator in Hong Kong and a registered Independent Remittance Dealer in Australia. The receiver can belong to any country but needs to have the app installed on their phone to receive the money. Smart Transfer has been built to make money transfers easy for immigrants, individuals and small businesses without having to go through exhaustive paperwork, high transaction fees, hidden charges and long waiting hours to receive confirmation of a transfer. The app allows you to make 24×7 instant transfers as we understand your need for urgent money transfers.

Is Smart Transfer safe?

Smart Transfer uses high-level data encryption and latest security technologies to keep your money and transaction details safe. The one-time passcode for each transaction further strengthens the security of the transfers made. As the app is regulated by government authorities of Hong Kong and Australia, there is no scope for fraudulent transactions to occur. Transactions via social media apps and the Smart Transfer bot are encrypted and secure to ensure you make transfers without a worry. The app is associated with leading banks in Asia Pacific, including Hang Seng Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Bank of China. In addition to this, Smart Transfer has partnered with an accredited agency for KYC (Know Your Customer) to validate transactions of high value.

Your Smart Transfer account remains accessible only by entering the password or a touch login. Once the app is not in use, you automatically get signed out of your account.

How does Smart Transfer work?

Smart Transfer has been designed to help make your money transactions effortless and easy. When transferring money, all you need to do is top-up your Smart Transfer balance, input the receiver’s email address, mobile number or scan the QR code available on the app. Enter the amount to be transferred, following which, a passcode is generated which needs to be shared with the receiver. This passcode can be customised by you when making regular transfers to a receiver. The receiver needs to enter the passcode on the Smart Transfer app and choose a bank account the money needs to transferred to. You can also make transfers using the Smart Transfer bot by inputting details of the transaction on your favourite social media app messenger or via social media apps for which secure links are created.

How long does it take to transfer money to a bank account overseas?

It depends on the receiving country and the bank. For Indonesia, we deliver money in your overseas bank accounts within minutes. For Philippines, we deliver within 1 working day.

I do not have an ATM card or a bank account in Hong Kong. Can I use Smart Transfer?

In Hong Kong, you do not need an ATM card or a bank account to make transactions. You can deposit money via an ATM in Hong Kong without using an ATM Card. For more information please watch this video: click here

Can I transfer from a bank account Smart Transfer has not partnered with? Example of HSBC.

Yes, you may transfer from any bank of your choice to our bank account. But your bank may charge a certain fee.

What is the minimum and maximum transfer limit per day?

The minimum transfer you can make from Smart Transfer is 100 $ HKD per day and the maximum transfer limit is 7000 $ HKD per day.

How can I check the exchange rate today?

You can check the exchange rates for the day on the main page of our website

How do I send money via mobile number if the receiver does not have a Smart Transfer app/account?

If the receiver does not have a Smart Transfer app/account, an SMS will be sent to him/her stating that someone has sent money for them. The SMS will also include a link to the steps the receiver needs to follow to withdraw money or register an account.

How do I get help to clarify my queries?

For instant help and customer support, please use the “Let’s Chat” button on the bottom right of the App. Alternatively, you may reach us at


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